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Sms Dating Alexandria

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Name: Annabell
Age: 22
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What is my favourite drink: Red wine
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My hobbies: My hobbies learning foreign languages

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Though neither Reeves nor Grant have confirmed their relationship, initial reactions to the couple were positive. Reeves was trending on Twitter from Monday evening through Tuesday morning with many praising the actor for dating a woman who is close to his age. But what happened to him sucks and he deserves some happiness. We all do.

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Saw the photos and legit thought Keanu Reeves was dating Helen Mirren. Which I also would have supported.

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But despite eliciting cheery congratulations, the supposed couple is also sparking a conversation about the ways ageism and sexism in Hollywood persist — with many commenting on the absurdity of the actor trending for dating a woman nine years his junior. Keanu Reeves is trending because he's decided to date a woman, artist Alexandra Grant, who is within his age bracket.

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She is 46 and Keanu is It also says a lot about how women are treated that so many people are stunned that a woman over 40 wouldn't dye her hair. Download the NBC News app for breaking news. This is exactly what people's reactions are about; the eagerness to cast away and discard older women in Hollywood as irrelevant.

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The actor made headlines earlier this year after a tweet of him posing with women and noticeably not touching their lower backs or waists, went viral. Marcus said that people have become so accustomed to celebrities abusing their power that Reeves respecting a woman's personal space becomes notable.

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Last month, Dennis Quaid, 65, drew controversy with his engagement to Laura Savoie, a year-old doctoral student at the University of Texas. Comedian Dane Cook, 47, has received criticism for dating a year-old, as has actor Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, for dating multiple women younger than While Miller thinks it's probably "better for Keanu to be dating someone 46 instead of 26," she hesitates to condemn all Hollywood men who date younger women.

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Gwen Aviles.