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Creative date ideas in Binghamton NY

Situated around the meeting point of the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers, Binghamton offers a wide range of things to see and do for the whole family.

Creative Date Ideas In Binghamton NY

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We use cookies and related technologies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site. With the loss of three of our brightest, along with the closing of The Cyber Cafe two years ago, our music and art community has been struggling to find a place to gather, share our creativity, and connect.

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You don't need to spend the entire winter hibernating! Greater Binghamton offers amazing indoor and outdoor winter fun!

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Check out these awesome things to do to keep you busy until the spring. There will be professional ice carvings on display, ice carving demonstrations, an ice throne, ice fire tower, and a downtown restaurant chilli competition! Animal Adventure will also be onsite with a portable petting zoo. If skiing, snowboarding or tubing are your thing, Greek Peak is the place to be this winter.

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It's the closest place to go to hit the slopes and forget your worries for a while. Choose from a variety of ceramics to paint, or be brave and go for a blank canvas -- it's all up to you!

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The office offers a of different activities each week to get you out and about and into the great white wonderland that is Binghamton during the winter. If you prefer to be a spectator rather than a player, the Binghamton Devils are sure to entertain both you and your friends. Check out their schedule to find a home game that works for you and keep an eye on their promotions!

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Prefer animals to humans? Enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community?

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Then this is the winter activity for you! You may not know it, but Ross Park keeps the fun going even in the winter.

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So stop by and put your time to good use! Check out the team schedules to see if any games appeal to you, and go show some BingPride! City Light Coffee has you covered.

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This wonderful establishment gives free coffee to college students. You read that right: free coffee. Are you always gazing up at the stars and blown away by how small and inificant we all seem in the grand scheme of the universe?

Attend a baseball game

Do you just like looking at cool things without thinking too much about them? Head on over to Kopernik Observatory to check out their giant telescopes, or attend one of their events this winter -- or both! Check out the work of some talented Binghamton alums, and have yourself a good-ol' binge-watching session from underneath a warm blanket.

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Rachel is a senior English major hoping to eventually break into the competitive world of journalism. In her free time, she likes to sing, take cool pictures, and watch a whole bunch of shows on Netflix and Hulu.

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